1. “I’m not good enough.”


_Reality: There are people not as smart, talented or experienced as you who got started and are already ahead of you._


2. “I don’t have the time.”


_Reality: Success doesn’t come from having time. It comes from making time._


3. “I don’t have the money.”


_Reality: You don’t need money to make money. You need a mission. Then deliver value to those who have the money._


4. “I don’t know the right people.”


_Reality: You can change who you know and who knows you today. Start by being the kind of person you would want to know._


5. “It’s not the right time.”


_Reality: There is always a right action in good times and bad times, which means it is always the right time._


6. “It’s not that easy.”


_Reality: No it’s not. Which is why most people never try, and most people never reach their full potential. But you’re not most people._


7. “I don’t deserve it.”


_Reality: Success isn’t earned by those who deserve most, but those who serve most._


What’s stopping you? Success doesn’t go to those who have the most ambition, but those who have the least excuses. Excuses are the brake pedals in life, and you can’t get going if the brakes are on.



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